Life advice from leading CEO Jack Ma

“Jack Ma urges newlyweds to have ‘sex marathons’ at mass ceremony”

"China’s richest man urged his newlywed staff to have six-day “sex marathons” at a mass wedding of 102 couples at his company headquarters.

"Jack Ma, 54, boss of online marketplace Alibaba, faced a backlash online after telling his employees to engage in sexual acts six times in six days — adding “duration is key.”

"He said: “At work, we emphasize the spirit of 996. In life, we should follow 669.”

When it gets hard, remember that duration is key.

^Or is duration effective? Like effective duration?

There are other durations, such as modified, key rate, and Macaulay.

I realize it is unfashionable at the moment for men to acknowledge that they enjoy engaging in fornication, but can anyone here really disagree with Jack Ma?

I’m gonna need the OAS duration because I may want to convert before we’re finished.