Lifetime Athletic is the most BSD gym EVER

I joined one a couple months ago because I needed an aquatic facility that could support competitive training. So I’ll start there… indoor/ outdoor pools separate for recreation/ therapy and focused lap swimming. This way the one pool is warm for the kids and old people and the other is cooler for the triathletes and masters. Then there are hot whirlpool spas by the pool AND in each locker room!

Onto the the locker rooms. Feels like a Vegas hotel room! Vanity lighting, make up mirrors and hair dryers… free lotion, hair products, razors, and tampons…free tampons! (I wonder what the guys get in their locker room…hmm?)

There is a hair salon, massage therapy place, cafe, and physiological testing!

And there there are the hours… I can literally swim at 4am! They stay open till midnight. For Easter Sunday they had these signs up about the “holiday hours”. “In observation of Easter, our hours will be 4am to Midnight” it said! Lol… in other words, “we don’t care that it is Easter OR a Sunday… get you bitch ass in here and workout!”

Man I love this place :heart:

they have lifeguards on duty at midnight?

Sigh…life was great before kids…

A free charcuterie platter would be wonderful in the men’s locker room!!! :+1:

Yes! And at 4am too!

The outdoor rec pool (separate from the outdoor lap pool) has waterslides. Drop the kids in there and go get in beast mode!

Is it nicer than Equinox? It sounds similar minus some of those add ons and the hours. Sounds awesome. What is the monthly fee -

Equinox has the luxury down but the scale is more on thr boutique scale. The Lifetime facilities are like these huge training resorts.

I pay $140/ month. Yea, its a lot… but if I want to swim its my best option. The YMCA is full of children and old people all crammed into their one lame too hot pool. LA Fitness has a crap pool that is too hot, no pace clock, and no pull buoys or kick boards. Others are either too hot, not enough available lanes and/or crap open swim hours. PLUS they are depressing facilities whereas Lifetime makes me feel like I am on vacation.

Lifetime is great. Germantown Cricket club has like a $100 /month trial membership in the summer, which includes pool. Hours prob way worse.

Lifetime is AWESOME.

We live in a secondary market in the Midwest and pay $70/mo each for my wife and I.

Sounds like a very similar set-up to what you’re rocking…I’ve only ever been to ours.