Dude - think about it this way

You’ve got 10mins to get ready for the workout, 15mins to get ready after workout. That leaves you with 35mins of hell. Trust me, i’m on a similar schedule and try to fix my full gym time to 1hr max. I do a ton more exercises then you. I have 15+ yrs of work out experience… I know there are other fellas here who have decent amount of experience too.

Ur intensity here is weak as f u ck. If I was doing sets like you’ve described above I would just super set them and i would be done in 10mins.

You should cater for 3 seconds a rep and a rest period of 60 seconds between set. That should mean you’re ok with about 30 odd sets and total 270 - 300 reps in total which is around 30-35mins of exercise + rest time.

Given ur on a 2 day split a good idea is to do a push / pull.

Forget the HIIT at the end- you’re running a bunch and you’re dieting (well should be), that will allow you to drop the fat. Your focus in the gym should be to build and maintain muscle and strength.

I weigh 220lbs, and when i was on a cut i was eating 2200cal a day. Low carbs and high protein. I can give you breakdown if you’re interested. Or I can let you know what you need to do.

Yeah I agree. Although part of the gym going is for mood benefits and clearly cardio type stuff have an edge in this regard.

Bro,I would have much rather worked out at home give my current constraints but the issue is due to obligations beyond my control I sometimes stay in school until 9 or 10.By that time I really cannot do a workout since I have to wake up at around 7 AM.I am not a big fan of the way things are right now but have to improvise.

so O(0) ? Woww

Yes.I agree.

Taking 60 seconds of rest between sets of heavy squats, or any other exercise where you’re at or near your max… thats different.

If your gym has a cable machine, you should really just scratch your whole routine for a week and just try the below move for a full body workout. Very time efficient, 30 minutes and you’ll be toast.

Ultimate Cable Machine Workout

A standard crossfit workout

Tank Dear


I’m up at 4:50 am, have a glass of OJ then go into the basement to work out. I bought a rowing machine on sale after Christmas and a kettle bell and floor mat. It saves me 35-40 minutes total travel time if I were to continue going to the gym. Plus, it gives me more time to workout:

  • rowing

  • burpee

  • lunges

  • russian twists

  • situps

Sounds like scb wants to go heavy though. Otherwise I’d recommend my own workout, which only requires a pull up bar or rings to start, and then stall bars, some dumbbells, and a rope to climb later on.

I’m totally with you on this one. For me, nothing comes close to sprints on a treadmill for clearing my head and putting me on good form for the next day.

Agreed. Cheers.

TFW I’m not 9 heads tall with a jutting jaw line

Yeah but you can still wear those awesome ankle things that just look spectacular. I mean I’d wear those to the grocery store, they just look good.

You should be hitting pretty low 1:XX on your low pull in rowing. I vaguely recall hitting 1:09. Most people don’t row correctly or do it with improper form or back messed up or halfway etc, so make sure you’re doing it right. You should be out of breath.

i don’t go to the gym anymore…well paid gym that is. I have a gym in my basement…ordered Rogue racks and some weights and i’m golden.