Until now I used to Workout at home but given some changes in my schedule I’m going to a gym to a nearby place.I can only afford two sessions a week due to commute time constraints (I will still be doing 2 sessions of HIIT stuff at home ).Also, I can’t spend more than an hour (Including the shower and changing) in the gym so I’m looking for the best bang for my buck. My goal is mainly to lose weight and be more healthy (yes I know about the role of diet) so I’m making a very simple workout of 3 exercises per session + 20 minutes of intense rowing, please tell me what you think .

Workout 1:

  • 4 x 5 Heavy Squats
  • 4 x 8 Weighted Pull-ups
  • 3 x10 Romanian Deadlifts (I just love the stretch )

Workout 2:

  • 4x5 Heavy Deadlifts
  • 4 x8 Incline bench press (Hate normal bench press and just hate bench press in general)
  • 4 x 8 Heavy Arnold Press

As I stated above both workouts are finished with a heavy 20-minute rowing session.

The other two home workouts are kettlebell, burpee, HIIT type workouts for 20 minutes each session.

Any Suggestions considering I DON’T HAVE ANY MORE TIME SO I CAN’T ADD ANY MORE ROUTINES. If you think I can somehow modify the above routine I will be very thankful.

Are you doing your pull-ups in your local park?

Only if you bring your Pink Ice Cream Truck.

f**k a gym. Its all about street workouts.


Maybe you can save some time by combining workout and travel, like doing cartwheels and squat jumps while walking to the gym.

Not terrible, but since you’re already going to be doing two HIIT sessions at home, I would allocate those 20 minutes of rowing at the end to an additional 20 minutes of lifting and add another exercise or two . Lifting should be prioritized. If you must add the rowing, then cut it down to 10 minutes; if the rowing really is “intense,” 10 minutes would be plenty.

What is the home HIIT workout, specifically?

Usually as many rounds as possible of either of the stuff below

  1. Double Goblet KB Squat +Burpee + Squat Thrusts with KB
  2. Renegade Rows + Burpees +Snatches

Things of this nature.

Also part of the rowing is due to the high I get after cardio workouts and how it helps my thinking. I don’t get the same feeling from weight workouts.

nix roman deadlifts on day 1 if your doing heavy deadlifts on day 2… use the hex bar

i prefer front squats because it helps my wrist flexibility with hang cleans. also love how my forearm vein swells.

instead of incline bench with an Olympic bar do flat bench DB press.

do military press with olympic bar instead of arnold press with DBs. allows for max loading and you don’t waste effort with dumbbell.

i would find time for shrugs and forearm curls because these are alpha male essentials.

Two of the most useless exercises ever.

Best bet is to spend 30 min on the inner thigh machine (leg spreading). You’ll impress all the ladies (especially Susanne Sommers).

Pro tip: Wear 80s colors neon shorts. Tight. You’ll be set.

The new trend is getting a tandem bike and putting a … uhh… full figured weighted dummy (guy or girl - your preference) on the back.

Not only do they not pedal, they add a touch of class unattainable in single pedal bikes! Think of the possibilities!

I’d probably put a version of Adele on the back with sunglasses like weekend at Bernies with her holding a boombox (old school), blasting “we could have had it all”…

What a workout…

look good, feel good, play good

Honestly, I have been thinking about this.

a) You seem stressed.

b) If you have no time and are showering twice a day and commuting to the gym, you should possibly axe this routine.

Packing a gym bag and changing/showering at the gym is a hassle sometimes.

I would focus on a solid home workout in the morning at the very least. Maybe a light run at night. Focus on prioritizing your day schedule and less about cramming everything in during the day. When you knock it out in the morning, your day should flow a lot better. Plus a shower post workout in the morning is nice and we all like Tchaicovsky showers at night. Ahhhh

Are you serious about that inner thigh machine? I tried using one once just because I never had before and it was hard even on the lower setting, so IDK what itd be like if one was to git gud at it.

All about calf and forearm day.

You’re goal and your workouts are not congruent in my opinion…

Lifting heavy is best when not being on a caloric deficit.

I think you would best be served by continuing a focus with compound exercises but by adding way more volume and dropping your rest periods to 60 seconds.

based on listed goals you mentioned perhaps at least super or tri sets (squats / bench press / pull-ups or back row) or really any combination of a leg chest back - 60 - 90 sec rest period repeat. Try not to be too rigid on specific exercise because you don’t want to be the Ass wad taking up entire gym area

The only thing I lift is $1,000 bottles of vodka that I make my friends (8m, 50m, 4.5m, 741 bitcoins) pay for.

if you have to change workout shower change in 60 minutes, there is no rest period. You better be jogging machine to machine and supersetting everything.

Agree with the person who said to skip the rowing. Based on my own running experience, the marginal benefit of doing cardio at the same intensity for the same amount of time every day asymptotically approaches zero over time. If you want to see consistent gains you need to either periodically increase intensity or time.

Rowing isn’t the worst idea; but dumbbell row might be better. Engaging the quads and back typically revs up the metabolism.