light reading material? easing in.. (possibly off-topic)

Hey all… glad to be back for lvl 2. I’m going on vacation next month for a week. This will include quite a bit of travel time and hopefully some serious relaxing. I think that might be a good time to ease into the curriculum (or at least the frame of mind where i’m excited to be studying again). The main stipulation is that I won’t have the cargo space for an entire text book. Any suggestions on what I can bring with me just to whet my appetite? I’m open to whatever. This could be anything from an abridged text on some stat/quant stuff to a really good finance-related book. Just needs to be more compact (and hopefully a bit less dry) than the CFA texts. Thanks (and sorry for the dumb post)

well, can you fit either Volume II or III of the CFAI text books? They’re the leanest of the six volumes. If you had a particular weak area in LI, bring your notes related to that area so you’ll be in good shape for the LII material. Otherwise, why pollute your vacation with studying? You’ll be studying plenty over the coming months and so should just enjoy your vacation to the fullest. At this point you can certainly afford the week off (from a study time-line perspective). Have a great trip!

Robb Report magazine. A fine motivational tool.

Greenspan’s book is good, though probably not as topical to finance as Volume II or III. Secrets of the Temple is another interesting book, but long - and it drags in the last half.

Random walk down wallstreet is REALLY good, and helps give big picture and helps with some of the portfolio management stuff

…on a related subject, can anybody suggest any good books on tape (CD)? I don’t have time for pleasure reading while studying for L2 exam, but I do have a 45 minute each way and i get tired of NPR sometimes.

I am listening to 1984 by George Orwell. Great book! I really enjoyed reading East of Eden by Steinbeck earlier this year.

“Fooled by Randomness” by Taleb.

^ i second that