Lightning strikes vatican

Zeus be angry.

Nah, it’s just a sign marking the rise of the next Sith Lord.

You know, lightning has probably struck that place many many times.

It actually happened the day the Pope resigned.

Wasn’t there some intrigue a few months back about the pope’s butler charged with a crime under canon law for releasing vatican classified information to the press without authorization? Something about that interminable child abuse? Unfortunately, adults who are attracted to other adults are not allowed to become clergy in the catholic church, an administrative rule implemented about 1000 years ago by Pope Hildebrand (Gregory the sixth or seventh or something like that) in order to ensure that otherwise intestate clergy’s personal estate would be more likely to inure to the papacy alone, but what is worse is that this rule which was at first administrative later became doctrine under canon law, solely by reason of its long standing.

Luther had a better idea. He held a demonstration in front of a bunch of college students where he burned the bull of his excommunication together with the church book of canon law. But he did not burn the Bible or attempt to suppress any other writings.

If i were jesus i would not come back to this world.

You’d think that if Jesus were to come back to Earth, the last thing he’d want to see is crosses set up everywhere!

“Yeah, those were the good times! Now that it’s 2000 years later, I can’t party like that anymore. :-/”

Jesus Christ came back and saw bunch of crosses

Ha ha ha. I guess I’m not the only one that has had that thought. :slight_smile: