LIII curriculum

Hello everyone, I would first like to welcome myself to the LIII section of the forum, . :slight_smile:

I do not know for previous years, but I just recieved the LIII print curriculum, and they are infinety smaller than their LII and LI cousins. Both were an aggregate 3000+ pages, although for LIII, I count around 2150 pages only. Great news! Was it that way in the previous years?

For instance, the first book out of the 6 contains the Ethical Standards and a couple cases only!

Ride that high as long as you can!

The material is a lot more dense than in previous years. Dont be fooled.

Yes, LIII is a total piece of cake – don’t even bother with the books until a couple of weeks before the exam. Just read the various chapter headings and you should do fine. I speak from experience, as I followed this plan and it only took me four re-takes to finally pass.

Attention LIII candidates-- this guy will be one of your competitors in 2015. Pass rate just moved up a smidge.

I never understood the obsession with page count; it really doesn’t make much sense at all. They should add 2000 pages of cartoons in 2016 curriculum to freak all these people out.

Don’t let the number of pages fool you, this exam is way trickier than you think…

Just make sure you read every word on every page at least twice or however many times you need till you totally get it. You should be able to solve all the blue box and practice problems correctly.

Some people here exhibit an undeniable bitterness towards the program. To them I say thank you, you make every Charterholder’s life better.

This shall be fun, like the first two!

Hi CEBU BUKO FINANCE. You are right that the curriculum is lighter, and probably easier, than L1 and L2. So no excuses then!

How can you make that statement on behalf of so many? On top of the fact that you’re not a Charterholder…