LIII + GMAT 680: worth it retake?

Sorry about the repeated thread

unless you’re some under-represented group, retake

Slave, Interesting so given the LIII stipulation what would you say your cutoff point not to retake would be? AAA If you are applying for next fall, I wouldn’t retake your time could be better spent essay wise and contacting schools. On the other hand if your applying for 2010 and you feel that with more practice you score 700+ I would def retake. Btw I found Manhattan GMAT’s course to be very helpfull. I was able to score a 710 on my first attempt. Also the forum: is very informative, and the people there are very friendly and helpfull.

Thanks guys for your input; I´m probably retaking by August so that I can chill-out and move on with the rest of the beauty contest in the meantime (TOEFL, essays, etc.) I´m definitely going through gmatclub threads, excellent tips from 750+ posters!