likelihood for PCP investigation

Hi guys- after reading several posts about how strict the policy could be and think back about my instance - I am so worried that I may get a PCP letter!

Here is what I did (very stupid) - after the morning session, when proctors were collecting answer sheets and exam books, i got bored and started to reopen the exam book and flipped a few pages to guesstimate what will be tested in the afternoon. Then a head proctor came to me and asked me to stop and sit tight, I immediately closed it. During the entire time, my right hand was below my desk and I didnt hold a pen, but I did read the exam book and he warned me (didn’t say he would write a report). I read a few posts that they would even write a report without telling you anything, so I guess it looks like my case is very possible to get a report? But I did not write anything, so I really hope that is just kind of just edge ball…

I was so worried for the entire past week, decide to come up ask for your guys opinion. Does anyone know? Thanks!

No, but your part of the story doesn’t sound convincing in case you do have one.

At the end of AM session, I was anything but bored.

Dude ! Live free! nothing to worry about :slight_smile:

shoudl be ok… but it will all come down to the proctor. If they really wanted to make trouble for you, they can. all you can do is just wait now.

and next time, don’t do that again

50/50, depends on proctor, PCP letters start coming out end of June.