Likely Topics

What do you think the likely topics will be this exam? Because of a break for a little while, I think there will be a section on trading expenses this year. Anything else?

i think the likely topics will be from SS 1 through 18. most likely.

turkish_dude Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > i think the likely topics will be from SS 1 > through 18. most likely. Don’t forget the 19th SS they are adding for the first time this year. In case, you haven’t recieved the e-mail from CFAI, the reading materials will be posted on their website on 06/06 at 5:30 pm(NY time).

Yeah!! this was the post that I was waiting for. I strongly feel there will be VAR question in an item set, that will be testing the weakness of VAR calculations. particularly the lack of information regarding how bad things go. (because of recent events) Another question that I espect to see in one of the item sets is trade off between cash flow risk vs market risk in situations where swaps are used to convert floating to fixed. I have other revelations, that will be coming soon…

Good Point. What would be the Treynor-Black this year?

I can’t predict what will be on exam this year. But I will tell you this, I will completely lose it right there and then if I see anything with the words “misfit risk”!

Wat about the “guidance on composite definition”, that hieararchy of investment mandate, asset class, style/strategy, benchmark & risk/return profile?

Hiya, Knock it off, you’re scaring me. I don’t even know what you’re talking about. Are we even taking the same exam??? BTW, where are you writing? Abu Dhabi?

Going through the old exams, I have found that the they don’t require you to memorize lists. At most, they will list the items and ask you to pick among the ones given that relate to the case and describe it within the context of the case. Dont waste time trying to memorize lists. They’re not trying to test how good our memory capacity is.

Hey!! UAECFA Don’t worry!! I don’t know what I am talking about as well:)) I am still reviewing the books. And finding out things which feel as if it is the first time that I see them and keep posting them. This time, I am doing it in Muscat. Though I don’t feel comfortable with it. I feel as if AD was the lucky charm.

No but they might ask you to list 3 out of the 5 or something like that I believe.

They set up a center in Muscat, interesting. The numbers must be going up in the Middle East. I know what you mean by AD being a charm. I feel the same way. I’m still writing in AD, but now they moved the test center from Rotana Hotel to the Exhibition Centre, probably because of the enrollment numbers. Not only was the Rotana my charm, but I was able to quickly run to the bar and line up tequila slammers after the exam. Won’t be doing that this year at the hangar. Let me know when you come to Dubai, we’ll meet up for drinks!

Yep, candidates are increasing. But still very few LIII candidates around here, so I am a star:)) (self proclaimed) And when I come to Dubai, I will contact you!

My strategy is basically to focus on everything that wasn’t tested in the essay portion of 2007 exam. I like to call it contrarian studying.