Limit on being reimbursed by your employer?

Curious up to how much people get reimbursed by their employer if they pass. And even if they fail???

If you pass – reimbursement for exam fees. Plus a nice little “passing bonus”.

If you fail – no reimbursement for exam fees.


He should be getting the rolex for passing l2 right #? Lambo/ferrari (obviously you will get to pick and customize) when you pass l3. That’s the norm at least from what I hear

The obvious doesn’t need to be mentioned, does it?


Yes if i pass and will boost on having a better appraisal


Sunk cost

I got my FRM reimbursed too

My work reimburses no matter whether I pass or fail + a raise in case of pass.

No reimbursement on 3rd party materials.

I find it pretty harsh that employer reimburses only if you pass.


We get reimbursed for the exam fee and any study materials only if you pass. No bonus - just a pat on the back. Maybe an email to the firm.

Exam fee and 3rd party materials were paid up front for me.

Reimburse of the exam fee if I pass. If I fail I pay the expenses out of pocket.

Pass: I get reimbursed for fees, 3rd party study materials, etc

Fail: a big, ol’ goose egg

Reimbursed whatever the outcome is. A good impression on appraisal if you pass, but no pre-agreed bonus or else.

Employer pays for the 1st attempt.

Got reimbursed upfront for the exam fee and potential study materials for every level. If I passed a level the respective debts to my company were reduced by 1/12 every month so a year after passing a level the debt per level is gone. Maximum budget is 6.500 € which is easily enough to cover for all the fees. Will have needed only half (given a positive mail next week).

Pass: Fees + Schweser Materials/Class + Bonus

Fail: Better luck next year.