LinkedIn - AnalystForum group now set up

To all those interested in networking on LinkedIn. I set up an AnalystForum group there. To join go to: Will I be able to contact fellow group members? (the benefit of joining the group) Yes. Each member of a group decides how fellow group members can contact him/her. Since group members share an affinity and are usually open to interacting with fellow group members, most LinkedIn users allow fellow group members to contact one another without referral. This is a setting that each group member can change from his/her homepage. Can I get spammed by other members of the group? No. LinkedIn Groups is designed specifically for the individual and not as a groupwide communications tool. Therefore, there is no way for an individual user to send broadcast messages to all members of the group. Do I still need to connect to someone if they’re already in my group? I thought that by being in a group, they don’t have to connect to me? Connecting to someone establishes them as a trusted person within your personal network, beyond the trust that was created through your mutual membership in an affinity organization. As part of your personal network, you are able to view and search through their network and vice versa. How do I quit my group? You are free to withdraw from a group at anytime. Just go to the group settings page and click the link to leave the group.