Linkedin Etiquette - Adding people you meet but don't know well

he should spend less time on his garden and spend more time tending hers.

Generally doesn’t hurt to add important people, but I would caution against adding too many “famous” people that you only cursorily know. If I see someone with a bunch of famous friends on linkedin or FB, my first assumption is that they just blindly added all these people and don’t actually know any of them. Also I disagree with the 500+ friends comment above. I have 700+ connections, and I only accept invites from people that I actually know and have had meaningful dialog with face-to-face.

I dont have a linkedin profile. Does that thing actually have any value? To me it seems just like facebook

Apart from “proving” to your family you’ve got a job, think HR just uses LinkedIn as one of several steps in the background check process.


It’s getting more and more Facebook like. The only value I have found is tagging you among your peers over the Globe.