Linkedin Etiquette - Adding people you meet but don't know well

I work at a hedge fund and constantly meet people through my boss. Usually I’ll meet them once, we’ll chat for 30 seconds, and they’ll go for lunch. I’ll never see that person again (generally). Usually these people are CEO’s/other executives of large banks, Heads of research at large firms/banks, etc. I’m 27 and these people are generally significantly out of my weight class, so to speak. What’s the etiquette on adding these people on linkedin? I usually err on the side of conservatism and add almost none of them, but I was thinking that maybe I should start? These are some invaluable connections but they don’t actually know me. Is it out of place to add them? For example, just today my boss brought in the head fo research of a major financial institution. He found out I spoke the same native language as him (not english) and we had a good 5min convo. Very pleasant. Do I add a person on Linkedin in this situation? I’m sure in 5 years if I’m looking for an ER job it would be very beneficial to have him as a contact. Essentially I hate one sided relationships. Whenever I feel like I have nothing of value to offer to the other person, I don’t add them to my network on any social network, including Linkedin. I guess if others don’t feel this way, I should start doing it though. Would like to hear your thoughts…

Assuming you don’t want to stay put in your current job for the rest of your life, can’t think of a valid reason why you *wouldn’t* want to add “bigger names” to your list of LinkedIn connections.


No one is going to be insulted by your invitation. Worst case they will just ignore it.

Don’t add everyone, but if you had a nice conversation and there’s a high percentage they’ll remember who you are by picture (not necessarily by name), then I say go for it. Worst case is they don’t accept.

It would probably be inappropriate and even creepy to add these people to your LinkedIn contact list based on a very brief conversation and with no knowledge of the person other than their job title. If you need to talk to them at some point in the future, you should have someone who knows you both make a more formal introduction at that time.

This would be different, of course, if you had a meaningful conversation and can justify your request with a reason other than “I want to befriend you since you are a CEO”.

Well I gave an example of the circumstances above. Does that example justify adding them?

Yes. 100% send an invite on Linkedin. Worst case scenario they ignore it (or never even notice it). No possible downside worse than that and if they do add you then it’ll be easier to message them in future if you ever have a need.

The whole point of Linkedin is to network. Trying to play it cool is for dating sites.

I dont even understand why is this a question. You’ve met them officially, you were introduced by your boss - add them to your linkedin network right away. Who cares if they are at a later stage in their career and not your peers - the worst case scenario is they forgot who you are and ignore the request. There is no downside. Are you an indian IT professional from Bangalore who cleared level 1 and is adding Jamie Dimon on linkedin? If not, please go ahead

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You do realize you are on a forum for analysts? Have you seen the people who sit for CFA exams?

Unfortunately I have. That’s the main reason I refuse to attend any AF event.

also consider that a lot of people in the industry dont care about Linkedin at all… people from IBs, HF, research, traders, analysts, MDs… etc that dont even have an account… it means nothing… I personally have about 50 invitations pending and im just lazy to go through an click accept

doesnt sound like a good attitude. might find it helpful when you need another job. unless youre pulling in 10mil in muni interest

Possible downside worse is in fact that they are able to report your connection requirement as a spam. Thus if if you do this too often you can be banned from LinkedIn and that’s OK. Even in the street or coffee bar you do not try to communicate with any person around you regardless you have seen some of those persons already.

Only add the women as connections and send the dick pics.

But dont be that guy who has 500+ connections… that is lame! once you get up to 150 or so then it all become nonesense

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