Linkedin etiquette

So I have signed up for the premium version and I am trying to add anybody in the tech industry. My ultimate goal is to start sending Inmails to my contacts from August 18 to secure interviews. Is there any specific way to go about this? I don’t know if I am lucky or whatever but a few relatively high people in good companies have already responded to my previous Inmails and usually gave their personal emails as well, however, I am looking to go about this the best way possible and build something out of it. Any specific tips bros?

Just curious. What part of tech are you trying to get into? Finance related like data scientist or solely tech such as web developer and P.eng?

Most data science positions are aimed towards people with PhD and experience in the field so I don’t think that is a likely outcome. The only position I am somewhat interested in Finance which is not very unrealistic is Quant Developers since my upper-level courses are going to be in Systems I will have experience with C and C++ as well as code optimization and things like that.

Other than that my actual goal is to get into tech without the finance related stuff and hopefully try to focus on increasing my productivity and influence within the position and industry.

The best business relationships tend to come from non business conversations. So, rather than meet with a specific opportunity in mind, just have dinner at a nice restaurant and become buddies (which is not hard when you are buying someone expensive food and beverages). Let’s say you spend $5k a year on such activities; I have a strong feeling that the NPV will be positive.

For students, this might not be practical, since your budget is smaller and your goals are shorter term. However, it’s still good to approach people with a mindset of getting to know them personally, I think.

Agreed. I am inclined to such things since they have a flair of innocence and honesty and don’t appear too machiavellian, but my lack of social aptitude doesn’t help here. How do I approach the person?

I mean you can’t just send emails to people asking them if they let you buy dinner, amiright 6?

I don’t think there is anything wrong with being up front. Say you want to build your long term network and are trying to meet people in the industry. It’s a bit less awkward, I guess, if they are friends of friends, or have some connection that makes your choice non random. It’s probably better if you get a referral anyway, so you won’t end up wasting time on some loser.


Is that Linkedin premium worth anything? It is pretty expensive. I took a trial free month few years ago and had no impression that something was significantly improved related to basis model.

always be upfront and honest. Always assume the other person is just as if not smarter than you are and know just as much if not more than you do. Don’t try to be slick or smart or sophisticated or naive.

this kind of thing only really works in the US.

What, networking?

"Hi Brad

I just wanted to reach out to you because I saw your profile and I really admire that trajectory of your career. If you have time, I’d love to be able to meet you to expand my network and learn from you. Given your position and fabulous reputation in the market, I’m assuming you could get us into Dorsia for a romantic table for 2 on Saturday night, I’ll be the guy in brown shoes with a red rose on my lapel.

Best, Chad"

If a Brit got a linkedin like that they wouldn’t be able to wipe the cringe off their face for at least a decade.

Love that subtleness.