LinkedIn profile annoyances

She’s an actress working as a waitress.

In no particular order:

I definitely hate it when people put MBA behind their name. And 100% of the time its from a school that is not even in the top 300 schools in the country, usually from unaccredited programs.

I also hate when I see people put hacksaw designations behind thier name, like AAMS, CRPC, CIMA, or even the CFP. In business only the CFA, CPA or PhD should be allowed behind your name. The rest is all hacksaw.

My final pet peeve is when people who obtained the CIMA designation put the Wharton School in their education profile when all they did was attend a week long seminar at the Campus led by a bunch of people from the CIMA program.


Attending a week long course and taking a test proctored by your teachers does not equal an Ivy League education. CIMA certificants seem to forget that.

Maybe my LinkedIn should say I’m a CEO working as an analyst?

I work closely with a lot of operations groups. In our trust area, a lot of the managers have gone through the CSOP program. That required 1 week a year for 3 years, often done on campus at Notre Dame or Pepperdine. A woman here in the office has this on her profile:

FirstName LastName, MBA, CSOP

And under education, she has Pepperdine listed.

Pepperdine MBA is hacksaw enough on its own, so misrepresenting your hacksaw weeklong seminar certification for a degree/education cred from a hacksaw school is essentially borderline legitimate and not hacksaw in its own right.

How about ‘co-founder’ or ‘CEO’ of some bootleg LLC operation you’re running. Often times these people have one properly. KILLING IT!!!

MBA after the name is troubling also.

WTF is CSOP and why would anyone want that behind their name?

There’s also the “add everyone” guy. This guy will add his babysitter, librarian, bartender, etc. – with no consideration of whether these connections are actually relevant to their career.