LinkedIn profile annoyances

  • Putting “MBA” after their name. Inevitably it’s always a hacksaw MBA too.

  • People that list “Finance” as a skill.

  • Listing Harvard, Stanford or Berkeley under education when they only took an extension course there.

Who has others?

I’ve seen “CFA Candidate” “CFA Level 2 candidate” behind people’s names. *puke

then there’s the people with a chain of letters… and mostly junk, you’ll see very few high quality ones like Joe Smith, MD, PhD, CFA

The sad part is that these people are allowed to vote and reproduce.

I saw a guy that put “Level I CFA Candidate” after his name. He registered for an exam – his parents must be so proud.


Joe Smith, Level I CFA Candidate = Joe Smith, I have $800 and can use a computer


On linkedin search at the top, if you type “Claritas Candidate” without hitting search, there’s actually someone who has that on their profile.

People without a picture in their profile. To me, this immediately tells me that they are some ugly mf’ers.

Luckily, my real photo looks very similar to my AF avatar. I have to say, my T-800 endoskeletal hyperalloy skull looks positively dashing peeking up from the collar of a Brioni suit and Hermes tie.

The touchy-feely discussions on how to express yourself in a holistic way (something like that)

The pictures where the subject is looking upward and at an angle. Usually in black and white. Fake, huge smile. It makes my aunt’s yearbook photo from the 80s with sparkles and glitter and an unfortunate perm look professional. You know, the one with her chin resting on her folded hands.

Isn’t it a violation to put that you’re a candidate after your name?

Profiles that annoy me are the ones with paragraphs of fluffy bullshit filled with management speak and loads of recommendations from random people. Basically any profile that’s trying too hard.

This person went to “The Open University”…what does that even mean?

^ Its an online university, I guess americans might call it a community college? It’s actually quite respected in some circles, you basically have to teach yourself. They send you a ton of books and shit and constant exam papers and essays. Obviously some courses are a piece of cake, but somebody with a STEM degree from the Open Uni is most lkely very intelligent and just didn’t go to a traditional university for whatever reason.

is this still bothersome in the education section of linkedin? i believe it appears below my name/job title

I’ve neglected my LinkedIn profile for too long. Could definitely stand some updating, and a photo, and revising the resume bits.

What are some tips to get the most out of the site? I’m relatively stable and comfortable where I am at the moment, but it never hurts to make connections now that might pay off in the future. Looks like there’s a lot of functionality you have to pay money for, and I don’t think I need to now.

Oh, and I never take anyone who lists MBA as a credential seriously.

Why not?


inkybinky, MBA

True BSDs have a shot of them fishing as their picture on LinkedIn.

Not to me…unless it is a Level 1 candidate. As stated earlier, this does not mean anything other than you paid some money and signed up to take a test. But a L2 or L3 candidate has actually accomplished something, so I believe it is worth mentioning.

My linked in profile goes as such “Whatsyourgovt, 210 lbs of dynamite with an 3’ fuse”.

Skills: i list every one night stand that i’ve had, even the ones with whiskey d. I bold the ones with no happy hat

education: hacksaw elementary, juvi, 1 year community college, planned parent hood,

exp: extreme novice. Still can’t find the hole

I have a picture of my horse, just as I do here.

I hate it when the thick eyebrowed waitresses I molest look me up on LinkedIn and post my picture on the internet.