Linkedin Profile

Do you guys basically put your resume in your profile?

absolutely not

Yes. You can use the application to actually upload your resume as a downloadable file in your profile.

Not exactly. My profile is basically a short version of my resume. I do not, however, attach my resume as a file.

Don’t you attach your resume with every email?

I have my education, prior and current employment, so basically a condensed version of resume. No details regarding duties, etc. though.

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I have a one-sentence description of every job.

  • Drove some high roller around


I heard recruiters check out LinkedIn profiles (and all else that’s online) so I put some stuff out there, on LinkedIn. It’s basically a short version of what I’ve done in the past and it’ll come out on top if someone does a search. I’d rather have the recruiters find my own text first rather than someone elses text where my name (or someone with a similar name) occurs.

anyone here get a job through linkedin?

storko Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > anyone here get a job through linkedin? nah but did get couple of emails and that is it.

I’ve had 3 interviews through recruiters who have found me on LinkedIn. They were all for IT jobs which I later rejected.