LinkedIn scammers getting more professional

We all know those kind Nigerian/Middle Eastern gentlemen in leading positions of global banks that are kind enough extend LinkedIn invitations to us simple folk. However, recently those scammers (I guess that is what they intend to do) have gotten more sophisticated. Instead of using the standard LinkedIn message text, I got this today:

Hi ###, I’ve visited your profile and it’s clear we have quite much in common. Let’s connect on Linkedin and stay in touch. Thanks! Have a great day. Sincerely, ###

Surely enough the message came from some dude pretending to work at a major firm and his profile actually had information on it (unlike most Nigerian princes). However, upon examining the testimonials for his numerous skills I found that the people listed simply gave each other testimonials and some aren’t even online anymore.

Am I the only one noticing this?

Yes…you are the only one.

Any black helicopters nearby?

I had the COO of one of the cypriot banks asking me to connect with them. I thought they were actually wanted to do some business… but it turns out they were probably looking to launder some money…

I keep getting spammed by people from another country who want to share their ab workouts and insist that there are no gangrape or women’s rights problems in their country.

Haha classic

LOL or that it doesn’t smell like poop.

^ Never gets old, does it?

EDIT: Reply for IsThereAny

After connecting on LinkedIn how would the scam then unfold?

I keep my linkedin profile “clean” in that I dont accept friends requests from people I dont know personally, no matter how prestigious they are, nor do I accept any testimonials or endorsements from anyone at all.

They started using distorted picture recently like it wouldn’t go unnotice. The eyes and noses are bigger than usual, same color tones. Soon enough they will 3D render and add VFX on it.