Instead of getting emails from people into my Linkedin account, I’m now getting advertisements… sweet.

They need to make money somehow. Oh yeah! I’m loading up on Long Term Puts as we speak.

Well, the thing is that LinkedIn’s concept is *actually pretty useful*. Imagine how companies hired people in the past. Either the recruiter has to call a bunch of people and collect resumes, or they post an advertisement and get 1000 applications from unqualified people. Either way is very wasteful in terms of time and resources. Now, imagine if all potential job candidates are listed in a database, with a standardized format for their academic credentials, job experience, certifications, recommendations, etc. Finding compatible interview candidates would now be as easy as searching in Google.

I can easily imagine this sort of system being ubiquitous in the future. Of course, this does not necessarily mean that LinkedIn must be the dominant facilitator.

LinkedIn would be huge if they could create a job board which filters candidates by relations among other users, industries, schools, rather than keywords. Firms could posts job openings and define meaningful attributes and relations instead of filtering by the keywords “CFA” or “Asset Management”, or even worse, just getting a ton of useless applicants.

The advertisement I got was to move my cell phone provider.

The only time people use linkedin is when they are searching for a job. Otherwise most of the info people put on the site is out of date. People figure, “why do I need to update it? I am happy with my current job”

As soon as you see someone updat their info, you know they are job hunting

I’ve had people from reasonable firms contact me through a LinkedIn search. None of them has actually turned into a job, but it did result in me thinking “What? Recruiters and HR people actually found me that way??”

i’m linked in with this hot babe from some small hedge fund…no idea how I got linked in with her but i’m looking to send a message…not sure if its appropriate…

I’ve gotten recruitment messages from reputable companies through LinkedIn, so yes, people are looking at your profile. Unfortunately, the jobs were all unrelated to my experience. Some HR person just searched for a bunch of keywords and got my account…

You should ask her if she prefers top-down or bottom-up analysis.

what if she is momentum and event driven…