LinkedIn's become awfully political of late; what do y'all think?

When I look at the home page on LinkedIn lately, I see a lot of political posts: Trump’s Great!, Wearing Masks is Awful!, Black Lives Matter is a Conspiracy!, and so on.

What do y’all think? Should that sort of thing be on LinkedIn? It’s not really in the relationship-building model.

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Agree. LinkedIn is becoming a cesspool. Social media is great but everybody thinks that they are an “influencer” and that their opinion is the best and must be put out there at any cost, as if people are hanging on their every word (they aren’t). But it isn’t LinkedIn’s fault — it’s the idiocy of low-quality users who are mistaking LinkedIn for Facebook, or Instagram, or TikTok, or whatever fleeting mental junk food platform is popular for the non-professionals these days.

I rarely log into LinkedIn but this is surprising. LinkedIn posts had such a unique culture. Yuck

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a topic posted that was right leaning and anyone in the comments who even questions BLM gets hammered by dozens of people.

I stick to twitter

Yeah sounds rough, not sure who your connections are, I mostly get the leftist side of it and have had to prune a few major offenders so overall it hasn’t been to bad.

THAT said, it has become wildly unprofessional and if I skim the comments under articles and people’s posts, good lord it’s terrible. I don’t know what sort of basket weaving jobs these people must have but it seems like linkedin is doing their best to myspace themselves.

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I deleted my LinkedIn a good while ago. It seemed to be going the way of traditional major social media rather than sticking to professional networking, and I already have one of those.

when you get approached by recruiters on LinkedIn and you are not interest do you?
2)reply and thank them but say you’re not interested

LOL recruiters…

No one wants me :sob:

Reply and thank them, but say not interested.

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I used to reply, but havent done i a long time.

I reply pretty often with not interested, generally recruiters are useless, but I have found one or two that I keep in touch with that have proven to be really useful and a cut above the rest.

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I like to press the one button that says “yes I’m interested”. Then immediately message them pretending to be embarrassed for pressing the wrong button and that I’m not interested.

Don’t screw with me. I’m the youngest of 5 and I know how to mess with people.

you guys are the best!

I’m polite to everyone except libtards

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Junk on Linkedin:

  1. Politics (Mostly lefties whining about how Trump is terrible)

  2. The “Motivators” who makes believe in yourself B.S type posts.

  1. My experience is mostly righties shining about the radical left (and praising Trump)
  1. HI! I’m Bob! I’m an influencer! Or a motivator! Or a guru! Or an expert! Or something!

Perhaps the demographics of your connections are skewed towards Conservatives even though Linkedin isn’t the typical conservative platform.

But the Influencer types are the worst.

Personally, I think that you should not be allowed to call yourself an influencer unless you can produce at least 100 bona fide influencees on demand.

That’s very interesting. I’m in an industry with a lot of conservatives (so I assume my connections are too) and I rarely ever see anything positive said about Trump in my feed.

I don’t say anything, don’t want to get cancelled.

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I should probably adopt that policy.

Not that I’d get cancelled, but in general when I comment on someone’s post they reply with name-calling and other childishness.