Lions, Tigers, and Pistons. Oh my!

So now that Detroit’s going the way of Enron, what’s going to happen to all their sports teams? Does anybody know if they’re planning to stay in the Motor City?

I think the Lions should move to LA, the Tigers to San Antonio, the Pistons to Seattle, and the Red Wings to…I know nothing about hockey.

The Red Wings would never leave Detroit, even if they have to play on a frozen pond.

From what I’ve read the greater Detroit area is doing fine, it’s just the urban center that’s a total disaster.

Tigers & Wings are owned by a Detroit born businessman and Ford owns the Lions. I don’t see those 3 moving and the Pistons don’t even play in the city of Detroit.

The suburbs near Detroit are doing ok (that is where everyone moved to). Detroit itself is a giant dumpster littered with trash, abandoned buildings and deteriorating roads. It is a market leader in crime rates, car insurance costs, health care costs and welfare population. Also besides state and federal tax, businesses have to pay a city tax. The debt is $18 billion with a population of 700,000. The tax base is overstated because likely 40% of those people are on welfare, so you’re probably only receiving taxes from 400,000 people.

In conclusion, I blame welfare.