Liquidity requirement when there is contribution

I read in one question the other day regarding a Foundation having X amount of required distribution, and Y amount of one time funding in the next year, and Z amount of contribution from sponsor per year.

When asked what the liquidity requirement in the coming year: I wrote it is X+Y, the answer was X+Y-Z…

Okay, got that. So today:

In a question regarding an individual: He has X amount he plans to set up for a fund for his daughter, Y amount to pay mortgage, and Z amount of savings to be added to his investment portfolio per year.

When asked for the liquidity requirement int he coming year: I wrote X+Y-Z, the answer this time is X+Y…

The explanation makes no mention of the savings but does say that he is a net saver so his normal living expenses is not part of the liquidity requirement… So what is the difference between this contribution vs the foundation?