list of asset management companies in DC

A simple google search wasn’t helpful.

There honestly aren’t that many in DC.

List: Calvert Group - more mutual funds Rydex Funds T Rowe Price in Baltimore - close enough and a big player

I am in DC and while there aren’t a lot of big investment management shops, there are a decent amount of smaller shops in metro DC (not Baltimore). This is just a list off the top of my head, and in no particular order: Torray Funds ProFunds Sands Capital Management Strategic Investment Group Friedman, Billings, Ramsey SBSB Marshfield & Associates Cambridge Associates Farr, Miller & Washington ASB Capital Management American Capital Strategies Declaration Management & Research Columbia Partners

Bernstein Global Wealth Management is also in DC

Thanks folks. That was very helpful.

I hear Farr Miller is known for their extremely intelligent and good looking analysts.

e-mail kkent. He has this better than anyone.

JDV: Thanks. I just emailed him.

NOVA Companies Hughes Capital Management, Inc. TAMRO Capital Partners LLC Aegis Financial Corporation Emerging Markets Management, L.L.C. Great Oak Investment Management LLC Sands Capital Management, LLC Strategic Fixed Income, L.L.C. KRA Capital Management, Inc. The Lara Group Declaration Management & Research LLC DC Companies AFL-CIO Housing Investment Trust Farr, Miller & Washington, LLC Hovde Capital Advisors LLC Marshfield Associates The Rock Creek Group Trust Fund Advisors, Inc. Union Labor Life Insurance Company MD Companies ASB Capital Management Charter Financial Group, Inc. Hillman Capital Management, Inc. New Century Advisors, LLC Rockledge Partners, LLC Columbia Partners, L.L.C. Profit Investment Management

NOVADCA: thanks so much.