List of CFAI text topics not found in SchweserNotes

Here are a non-exhaustive list of non-overlapping materials that I came across. Feel free to add or modify this list as needed. SS19: - Asset markets approach; - effects of unexpected money supply; SS33: - dual role of analyst towards investors and capital market; SS34: - five steps top-down valuation process; SS35: - drawback of order-driven exchange (w.r.t. block and market orders); - Electronic crossing networks and how orders are filled; SS36: - total adjusted market capitalization for cross holding companies; SS37: - Differences in national accounting standards (hidden reserves); SS42: - Adjusted present value (APV); SS43: - earnings yield ratio (E/P); SS45: - Tobin’s q; SS49: - three sources of yield (price, collateral, roll); CFAI treatment are more concise than Schweser’s; SS52: - material adverse change clause; - maintenance test and debt incurrence test; - multiple discriminant analysis; - Z-score and Zeta model; - limitation of credit scoring models; - structural and reduced form models; SS54: - two interpretation of pure expectation theory; CFAI treatment are more concise than Schwser’s; SS55: - valuation of step-up callable note and capped floater; - one-factor and multi-factor models; SS56: - TBA trade and pool factor; - floating-rate tranches; SS58: - parties to securitization; SS61: - two variation in expressing dividend yield and how to use it to calculate futures price; SS63: - four ways to swaption payoffs; SS66: - decisions related to existing portfolios; - active risk, factor risk, specific risk, FMCAR; CFAI treatment are more concise; SS69: - breakdown of Sharpe’s measure, Modigliani-squared, optimal position of balanced portfolio; SS71: - liquidity treatment;


Elitia Im impressed…


but this stuff will not be tested. right? they are not in the learning outcomes even though they are not optional either.

It’s up to you to do whatever you want with this list. I believe one of you requested this list in April but the list wasn’t complete at that time. So the list was deferred until now. I really don’t know if CFAI would test on any of these. But these topics either belong to the non-optional reading or they have been covered by the practice problems. So do whatever you like with the list, but keep the time constraint in mind.

If it isn’t in an LOS, I would say it won’t be tested.

Great work eltia. At this point I will probably only worry about the FSA/equity related ones but if it wasn’t testable, they would have put it in the optional section/wouldn’t write practice questions on it.

I have no any power to look at CFAI books for these topics…

Thanks for posting this…this would of taken me longer than two weeks :wink: