List of Other Forums You're On

Signed up for this one to troll my roommate:

None, although I post on a lot of Yahoo stories under a similar by different handle.

reddit, arrowheadpride, deadspin, and profootballtalk are the ones I’m registered at.

Bogleheads (but getting tired of it–too many brainwashed idiots who can’t think)

Egghead Forum

citi data for home/neighborhood searches

Sorry about that.



Dating sites where I pound 7s and some 8s.

j date?

No, I’m not Jewish.

you dont have to be. just act like one :wink:

Don’t be. I appreciate the link, and I like the intelligent comments from a few posters. There’s a lot to be learned when they post links to useful sites or academic papers.

However, every time there’s a “useful” post, there are about fifty useless ones. Most of it is cult-of-personality-type stuff. It seems that the answer to every investment question is either “What would Jack Do?” or “Cuz Jack said so!”





A couple of stackexchange sites.

I’ve been on the FreeNas boards lately cause I’ve been building a server.

I haven’t been frequenting that as much the last few months. It was better when it was just Bess. Matt was okay too I guess.

Not frequenting, but the other day I was watching NFL Network and there was this ad. I guess if there was a it would be seen as racist. Weird.

Agreed, been months and months since I’ve even read anything there - comments used to be hilarious, then it just wasn’t so much. I actually like when you had to call out commenters on the old system (@36 - ur stoopid!)

Deadspin is pretty consistently solid. I feel like I’m consistently stuck in the same internets loop, need to see new horizons, like john parr.

I forgot to mention zerohedge, though I don’t comment there. The posters frighten me and speak in some weird anarachist language I don’t quite understand.

^ I haven’t been on that site since the Great Recession. Everyone there was convinced that the S&P would fall to 200 and anyone thinking otherwise was crazy.