List of qualifications

I am looking for a list of qualifications like CFA, CAIA, FRM which people can study on their own without attending classes. If someone can add some more names it would be very helpful. Thanks in advance.


you try a distance learning course from a uni - then classes would be recorded I think or none at all!?..

MBA (from U of Phoenix)

PMP You do not need many

Rydex Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > CPA, CFP For CFP you need to take 6 classes before you can sit for the CFP board exam.(estate planning, tax planning, insurance&risk management,investments, retirement planning…etc.) Unless you already have a PHD or CFA Charter. I think you also need to have 250 hrs of credits before you can sit for CPA exam.

Not entirely correct for CFP. You have to take a recognized educational program. The canadian securities course with the professional financial planning course from the CSI will qualify you to write the exam

You can either take recognized educational program OR submit a transcript to let them review the courses you have taken.

"To take the CFP® Certification Examination, you will need to be knowledgeable in all of areas covered by the financial planning topic list. There are three ways to complete the educational requirement: CFP Board-Registered Programs, Challenge Status or Transcript Review. "

Up north here it is "To qualify to write the exam, you must either: Complete an FPSC-Approved Education Program, or Hold a professional designation under the Approved Prior Credential Policy and have (3) three years of personal financial planning related work experience. "

PRM if you are in Canada, CSI has a lot

i know a lil about the CFP. many providers and avenues to meet the preliminary reqs. to sit for the final. the secret way is College for Financial Planning. These jiggas let you proctor your own exam so you figure out how many of their enrollees can sit for the final after 2 months. others (like the American College) make you go to Prometric and what not. the final is no walk in the park though unless you have prior experience. CFP is getting very diluted. Offered 3 times a year with around a 50% pass rate. i have it and it definitely helps in my industry, but 4 years from now, everyone and their mom will have one.

Thanks for the help guys. Just another request. One of my friend is working as a Bank in the international trade department. I was trying to figure out which of these degrees would be relevant for her. If you were in Banking what would you study? There are just two issues that must be considered. 1. No local MBA cause it sucks. 2. She can’t leave the country. (south east asia)