list of soft dollar services

So far I have the following list Portfolio valuation Economic statistical databases Client directed brokerage Research that directly benefits investment decision making process What else…

Haven’t seen portfolio valuation. You can use SD for that?

Did see that the following can’t be paid with SD:

a software program providing account management and performance evaluation reporting, which firm uses to develop monhtly reports for all clients.

Seems to me like that includes portfolio valuation. Any thoughts?

PS - that is directly from a schweser mock if you were wondering

On this note, just wanted to comment on how horrible that SD reading is. All they really give us is the standards. That case at the end is ok… But it would have been nice if they did it like the standards and gave us some situations with a following comment.

Any insight on the portfolio valuation and performance report stuff?

It was on a prior mock exam so that’s why I listed it…

Portfolio valuation is part of investment, financial accounting software is not.