List of Topics if you don't know then you might as well give up now... :-)

Many people have done very good posts on esoteric topics we MIGHT see such as Black-Litterman, etc… I was pondering putting up a joke post asking people to please explain the Sharpe Ratio to me…Which gave me an idea…I was wondering what topic(s), choose one or two, in your opinion you think a person should really know cold by now, or else they just haven’t been paying attention at all. I’m talking about the BLATANTLY obvious ones…I’ll begin the list now … Let’s please keep it short and sweet and punchy…and humor is most welcome…sorry, I’m having sense of humor failure right now after just finishing my second practice test and going over it…:slight_smile: SHARPE RATIO

The objectives and constraints of an IPS!

CFA_Halifax Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > The objectives and constraints of an IPS! There is no way they will actually put that IPS stuff on the test this year

I would say everything, except for Reading 49 Q27. I am obsessing about that one and I tend to get paranoid for stupid reasons … Oh, and I don’t know Corporate Governance (Cadbury) yet.