Listing pending / potential / fell-through deals on the resume

How would you list deals that fell through on your resume? A significant amount of time was spent on a potential deal but it fell through in the 11th hour. I was wondering how you guys would put it on your resume as the deal was rather interesting (albeit it never went ahead).

dont mention the company name obviously…and dont mention anything that can identify the company (i.e. largest widget producer in the world)… as long as you keep the company’s identity secret…and mention what your contribution was to the deal…i think it should be fair game

agree, contribution is important…too bad you dont have results. Focus on what you contributed to these jobs and how that relates to potential employer. one of my part time jobs on the side is FSA with a local M&A firm and I struggle because the ones I have worked on havent been sold, yet. I hope that would change and we had some offers, but no deals.

great ideas. thanks.