little bit of CFA comic

I created L1 version of it last year (just re-posted on L1 forum), now adding L2 version…(yeah that’s what I do at the end of the day, a month before the exam) :stuck_out_tongue: Girlfriends from CFA Institute…(L2 version) Ethics – she used to talk too much and bore you to tears. Now she talks even more and bore you to tears even more…try dating a lawyer if you manage to win her. Quantitative – guess what? You made so much efforts to get to know her initially and finally started to feel comfortable BUT now she is again irritating, frustrating and weird and you finally realize that is her true dark reality. Her regression stories lead a way to your depression stories. Economics – there is nothing too unfamiliar about her. She attempts to be complicated by introducing parities but fails…so you just move on… Equity – This cousin of Economics has started to talk too much too and at times attempts to repeat what Eco had been saying earlier. At the end, you just have to know how to value her and then she will treat you right. Fixed Income, Alternative Investments – you realise they follow basic characteristics of Equity. But they will be concise and difficult to make you realize that the world is not as simple and sweet as Equity made it out to be. Financial Reporting Analysis (FRA) – aahhhhh this Queen Majesty used to be complicated and too talkative…now she is downright bitching at you and commanding you to memorise and obey her every minute rules and regulations. You feel like a slave to her and wish she never existed! Corporate Finance – she has started to be comfortable with you and reveals bit more of her personality details. Once you absorb her details, you are safe with her. Derivatives – hmm just one solid Warning: she will suck all your strength and drive you crazy and, at the end, prove to be a major hurdle in your journey. Portfolio Management – after going through your all above girlfriends, she is waiting for you at the end of the line. You will make a move towards her expecting to chill and relax. But when you start interacting with her, you are simply shocked by the lethal electric currents of her unexpected long CAPM, CAL stories and application of parities Economics had been blabbering earlier.

Awesome. Superb. Mindblowing.

Actually I like Derivative, she seems high maintenance, but when you get to know her she is completely straight forward… She’s just not equipped to throw tantrums and come at you with ridiculously unimportant and obscure bullshit… I hate quantitative, rigorously unimportant… What a waste of ink and pulp… She could have made something of herself, but took the easy way out and tries to make you recite a long list of garbage in order to sleep with her… And the sex is terrible, rated between 5 and 10, on a 100 scale… Where is charlie manson when you need him…?

"Derivatives – hmm just one solid Warning: she will suck all your strength and drive you crazy and, at the end, prove to be a major hurdle in your journey. " But just try to stay away from her Delta and Gamma! What a greek Goddess!

from a female point of view: Go for Equities and FRA - They are the ones with biggest wallet!!! :slight_smile: