Little things to help us remember

I find it extremely useful to remember some concepts with little memory devices. Here’s three I use - anybody else have some good ones? 1) currency appreciation/depreciation and how it helps/hurts companies. As a local currency depreciates, exporters are helped since their good cost relatively less to the foreign purchaser. A quick way I remember this is the phrase “down and out”. 2) Put all parity is S + P = C + E where E is the PV of the strike price. A quick way I remember this is the phrase “SiP a CokE” 3) Lastly, for the IPS you are concerned with return, risk, liquidity, legal constraints, taxes, time horizon, and unique circumstances. tough list to remember on the fly…you easily recall by remembering “RRLLTTU” What other good ones do you all have?

Inspired :slight_smile: