Little Treats to make this week a little better!!

I bought a box of Revelos - you know those chocolate coated ice cream bars !! mmmmm I remember having them when I was a little kid. Was at the store today ready to jump through a pane of glass…and said, you know what…Screw this ! ! I’m buying myself a box of revelos!! ok i’m done…but they are so good

Please bring me one. Although I don’t know if it would go well with this delicious beer I am drinking.

man…now I’m on my way to get a box of nibs…bite size revel things that come in a little container.

mmm beer cant wait to drink something other than these damn energy drinks. i think i’ve taken atleast a year off my life span over the last 5 months.

after getting a tooth extracted today am on liquid food…so that means chocolate pudding, ice cream, and that awesome greek yogurt with honey drizzled on top… saving the vicodin for later tonite :wink:

MILF Hunter

watching oil trade down for a change…

McDonalds soft serve ice cream is nice after a long day of study

this ones a little off…but picked up two brand new batteries for my BA2s. when I was taking apart the calculator, i couldnt help feeling like a soldier in those old platoon movies where they take apart their rifles and put them back together. Getting ready to go into battle…I couldnt find a headband to put on but I wish had one at the time.

skinny cow ice cream ! yum!!! although beer sounds mighty good too…

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