Live Mock Exam

Who’s doing it? Also… what are the details for this thing? (Time, place, etc…) I signed up for it but can’t seem to find my email.

Login to Schweser and you can print the admission ticket. I registered for it but won’t be attending. Good luck.

I’ll be at this bad boy with my red bull in one hand and my calculators in the other.

Where do I get the exam ticket? I click on “North America” and it says 0 testing centers =/ I’m also surprised schweser never sent me a reminder email about this (I signed up for the live, 50/50 I can make it).

I called them. go to you will need your CFAI candidate number. Also has anyone ever done this before? Do we go over the questions and how are we graded? Thanks

I got mine in the junk folder.

you can fake your cfa candidate number. Just say something like 123456

Does this thing start at 8 am or 9 am on the east coast? Also, post your score on Saturday to compare