Live/online/video CDs

Has anyone used these products from Schweser or Stalla for level 2 before? Do you think these are worth it or would self-study be sufficient? If you think they are worth it, which one(s) would you recommend?

Schweser on-line starts today or tomorrow (depending on location US/UK); you can view the first lecture in the archives.

I’m using Schweser video CD for the level 2 exam. I think it’s really helpful for me to grasp major concepts than studying notes or CFA curriculums on my own.

Lilly, what I meant was (it wasn’t very clear now, was it?) that it’s still time to enroll the on-line seminars and get on track with the 16-week on-line program; if you haven’t time to view it today/tomorrow (at about 6-9 pm, at least so for the UK track) you can view the first seminar somewhat later, in archived form, and take it from there. In my view it’s better than videos since you don’t find it as easy to procrastinate when the seminars go live like that.