Livestock perishability

Just had a question about the characteristics of commodities, when I checked the answer it said livestock is “highly perishable” but when I checked the notes it mentions that the slaughtered meat is usually frozen and storable for “extended periods of time”. Also, it mentions that the animals are slaughtered when conditions are favourable, so in that sense the animal can live for years. None of this sounds highly perishable to me?

I guess that is one of the controversial questions in online practice questions. Or maybe some of us don’t understand yet. Livestock in the form of frozen meat can be stored for extended period of time with little impact on quality and quantity. However, weather can have a significant impact on health and weight. In terms of health, clearly livestock is perishable. But given today’s medicine, I would say average perishability. In terms of weight loss, I don’t see any perishability, just a reduction in mass.

Also, curriculum says that livestock has a high risk of spoilage in the timeframe once an animal is slaughtered until it is frozen. I agree, that this means livestock is highly perishable only during this timeframe.

I think curriculum and that particular question need more clarifications with this regard.

Anyone with more info regarding this?