Load up on airborne and zinc

Started eating vitamin C, airborne and zinc… Don’t want to be sick on June 23rd!

Make sure to donate about three fifty to a Buddhist ashram too!

started today too , zinc and Vitamin C i am easy to be caught by cold

Started taking vitamin c yesterday.

I personally want to take the exam sick so I can annoy the living crap out of everyone sniffling every 2 seconds.

Good way to bring down the curve, by a few people.

Exam isn’t graded on a curve. It’s graded to give those with at least a certain minimal competence, as defined by the standard committee, a passing score (at least the MPS).

Eh, I think the MPS is based on a curve… my opinion is CFAI finds out what MPS score should be in order to pass 44-48% of the test takers.

You don’t think the difficulty of the exam and the range of scores has an impact on MPS? I’ve always been told they’ll make a distribution of all the scores, and then set the MPS in such a way where 47.5% of the scores in the right tail of the distribution automatically pass, and then the bottom 47.5% automatically fail so that they don’t have to waste more time than they need to reviewing the last 5% of the papers (in the middle). They do this process so that it mitigates the number of instances where one more question wrong/right can make the difference between pass/fail. And the percentage of papers they do decide to review (in that middle section) will then first have their ethics scores considered, then the candidates portfolio management scores, and then who knows.

They use a well known standard setting method, according to their website and details on the grading procedure. It’s possible they find an MPS and then alter it to have more or less people pass, but this is less standardized and isn’t included in their documentation.

I do think the difficulty of the exam has an impact on the MPS, because this is how the standard setting is performed. This information is available on the CFA Institutes website but they don’t mention altering the MPS so a certain number of candidates pass. Where did you hear of your proposed process? Unless it was from someone at the CFA Institute who deals in the grading and standard setting, I wouldn’t put much stock in it. Standard setting is done in a way to try identifying how a minimally competent candidate can be labeled as competent and anyone less “competent” is labeled as otherwise. Competency is based on some threshold and isn’t generally a relative measure as you’re suggesting. I just think the testing pool is relatively similar from year to year. You could always email the Institute and ask them if, in addition to the MPS, they target a certain percentage of passing and failing test takers.

My thinking is, if the performance of individuals had no impact on the MPS score, why would they have to wait until the exam is completed before they can determine MPS? If it was purely on standard setting to determine competence, couldnt the brains at CFAI figure out the MPS score prior to everyone taking the exam?

Maybe they do and the 8 weeks is for quality control and grading. They could just wait until the exam is over, though. People are generally willing to prolong doing things as long as possible. I presume they have stuff before the test to do and that a window opens up after the exam (as they probably plan).

I think it’s easier to take them at the document they’ve posted on their standards. However, you could always email them a specific question if you thought they were unclear.