Local CFA Societies


I try to go to as many as I can. I’ve met some pretty interesting people and I like listening to topics outside of my space. Food is usually always good.


Ha, my mistake. Food is usually good.

can we get society rankings?

i heard D.C. - 9/10

I’ve been thinking about signing up with NYSSA as a candidate member. Would love to hear from a current member whether they think it’s worthwhile?


Is there a published list of local society rankings?

Many Thanks.

what does frank’s mean? who can help me?

I went to one CFA society event. I mostly just hung around with my coworkers, and two random Indian guys tried to talk to us.

What if you went there with no coworkers? The only thing left would be randomly chatting with Indians?

I once went without any colleagues and ended up spending the evening with the catering guy who was responsible for the wine.

Sounds like the most important guy there, to me…kudos!!

Your a Philly guy? The good meetings take place at Club Risque on the Delaware every last Thursday of the month.

Wouldn’t matter, Philadelphia will be hit by a two mile asteroid as a matter of certainty.

That is far from certain, anyone with an ounce of sense knows wink. I’ll explain it again, but basically when another large impact occurs (which is a certainty) day becomes night and night extends so far into the future that all large species are extinguished, including the humans angel, and about 90% of the oceans’ plankton, which in turn wreaks havoc on the pelagic food chain. Philadelphia would be affected, but probably not hit.

The meetings are on Thursdays at Club Risque? Is that today? Anybody going? How do you know with whom to meet up?

The Halloween costume contest is tonight… have fun :wink:

Watched Philly lose last night at BMO Field - GO TFC!!!