Local CFA society membership Stamford

I want to become a member of Local Stamford, CT CFA society but it seems like requirements are just impossible. I passed level 1 in July… I need two sponsors. I do not have them. Please share your stories of how you became members of your local CFA societies. P.s. I am also a member of CAIA institute.

Just ask two people at the next meeting.

Maybe something changed, but I thought for your two sponsors one must be a CFA, one must be your supervisor. (and your super doesn’t need to have a CFA) Did I just commit 2 ethics/usage violations?

I was at the Colony the other night and a bunch of people from New Canaan came in. I didn’t much care for them.

DarienHacker, did they check your job description? I work in a h.f. but I am an IT.

Mr.Good.Guy, how did you know they came from new Canaan? :wink: Also, what do you mean you “didn’t much care for them” ? I am asking because I am really interested.

I think the sponsor has to send in a form that attests you spend half of your time advising on investing? If that’s the case then that’s up to you and your advisor. You should Search the L3 board – that’s where most of this stuff gets hashed out (since many folks don’t try to become regular members until they sit the L3 exam).

They had on New Canaan Shirts… I was really just messing around. As TCHS graduate there is bad blood… But I am just messing around, I live right on the NC/Stamford border.

DarienHacker, Mr.Good.Guy thanks for your answers!