Local CFA Society memership

It is not mandatory to join the CFA local society in the UK (CFA UK Society) in order keep the CFA Charter. I wonder if it is the case globally?

My apologies for the typo mistake in the subject field. It should read “Local CFA Society Membership”.

Only mandatory to be a member of a local society to get the charter, not to keep it. As long as you pay the annual CFAI dues, you’re good to go.

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That’s a great thread.

My understanding is you don’t even need to be a local society member to get the CFA charter approval as long as you pay the due for the CFA Institute. Love to hear others’ views on this.

This is correct. Local society membership is only “highly encouraged”.

I know people who canceled their local membership later. However, I don’t remember if this was an option while signing up for the charter.

Looks like you’re right. They no longer require joining a local society to get the charter.