Local Society Ceremony?

From those who just passed in '16, are you guys going to these? For those who have gone to these (especially CFA Toronto), is it worth attending? My family wants me to attend as I didn’t attend my university graduation and they want to be proud of me in public for once in my life. I’m not sure how I feel about attending, but I would like the smaller sized charter as I’ve already used the large one to roll a blunt for my buddies community college graduation party.

My suggestion would be to go. You will not only become more visible to the local CFA society and become part of a networking community you might very well rely upon for a job someday but also earning your charter wasn’t only your journey but also those that supported you along the way. Honor them by sharing the celebration with them. As they say…“it is better to participate in life than sit on the sideline and watch” and its only one evening for a brief few hours. Just my thoughts.

Marc A. LeFebvre, CFA


I’m attending the London one…my folks are down for the week so I’m taking them to the event. They don’t get out much so thought it might be a nice night out for them…treat them to a few drinks and a slap up meal after. Job done! :wink:

I am based in New York and have not received my charter. I am afraid it may have been sent to the wrong address, though I changed mine the day I received my results. I am attending tonight’s NYSSA event for mini charter but would like my main one!

Did everyone receive those? Particularly interested in those based in NY as well.

i dont think you’d understand.



How does this work ? What if you only complete the required work experience 1-2 months after the ceremony? Wait another year?