Local Society Issues

I just found out that the Philadelphia CFA Society does not hold board meetings in July or August, so even after my 48 months has been approved by the CFAI, it won’t be reviewed for at least another month to gain final acceptance as a regular member. Isn’t that some BS.

A month doesn’t sound too bad. Have some patience.

I’ve been waiting on Boston for months too. Sucks.


whatever you do, don’t get on the bus in Philly!!

There is a statement that they DISCOURAGE the aplication for “affiliate membership” applicationon on my local socity’s website while “affiliate membership” is recommended by CFAI in my application. It seems that my local socity does not welcome the aplication for “affiliate membership” and I don’t know why affiliate membership, rather than regular membership, is recommended by CFAI. Shall “regular membership” be recommended by CFAI usually ?