Local Society Review

Any idea how long their review takes? 45 days seems like a long time. Thanks,

Mine took less than two weeks.


It really varies. My society (Chicago) took about 30 days because they only approve at board meetings once a month and I missed the cutoff by a day. I’ve seen people on here who waited the entire 45 day review period and others who got approved in a couple of days at smaller societies. My advice if you’re really curious would be to call your local society and just ask for a ballpark estimate on approval wait. Or else you’ll be refreshing your e-mail every ten seconds for weeks and going crazy.

The Boston chapter has made me wait for a couple of months because they only do approvals at Board meetings.

Mumbai took about three weeks if I recall correctly. I honestly think someone at the society just goes into the control panel every month or so and does it then. Many societiies are small so they wouldn’t necessarily have a big back load. They also wouldn’t necessarily have someone working full time, probably just a volunteer. So i think youll see a bit of variance on this.