Local society work experience is blank

I submitted my application today. When I went to manage application, I saw that I had work experience months# for my CFAI application but for my local society application work experience shows blank. Is this normal?

Is this normal?

This is normal. Same thing happened on mine. I actually sent an email to the customer service inbox and they confirmed it is normal. They set up a placeholder for the local society application when you submit your initial application. No need to worry.

I submitted my membership today as well… How long does approval for the charter usually take? (assuming all references are cleared)

I submitted mine on 8/4 for the Nashville society, and it is currently showing “Under Review - Society.” The application approval process took anywhere from slightly under a week to three weeks for my friends who applied the last couple of years. My sample set is very small (3), so don’t take that range as gospel.

How long usually takes a society’s approval?

I submitted mine today at 6.00 pm , got approved at 7.30 pm. Paid fees and I have beautiful three letters against my name :slight_smile: