Location on Income Stmt of NI from investment in associates

Anyone know where it is located on the income statement ?

q 8 pg 460 bk2 of the official says that you do not need to adjust EBIT/ interest payment if you are excluding income from investment in associates.

Does this mean it is located below EBIT? Is it between EBIT and EBT --> meaning will you have to pay taxes on it ?(would be funny since the NI it is based on has already been taxed once.) Or is it below EBT along with translation gains/loses?

q 6 right before that seems to imply that it is after EBT since you are not adjusting for tax when you remove it.

On page 161 of the same book, you have it right before EBT but its not clear if the tax is applied against that amount or if it is simply located there


nm, i figured it out.

however, for q 16, and 17 on page 463 same book, how does the securitization process work ? do we assume that the balance sheets are not consolidated ? and why do you increase liabilities if software services doesnt securitize ?


Haven’t looked at the question, but I’m assuming you would have to borrow money if you don’t securitize. So you either securitize A/R or you just straight borrow the cash with A/R as collateral. I’ll look at the question in a bit tho

this question was just answered in another thread, no need to worry