location / sector call

Maybe this post exists already, maybe I am being a bit too inquisitive, but I wanted to learn more about the board members. New York / debt capital markets / MBS yes - those mortgage things.

Moscow, Russia / Audit / Media, Telecoms, Hi-Tech.

Minneapolis / fixed income asset management / CMBS

Montreal/ Middle(a little bit of back)-office, Swaps, OTC.

K-Jarro I am from Russia as well, shoot me an email… wanted to chat. (Sashamak@gmail.com) New York/ mutual funds/ Equity, fixed income, muni’s, swaps etc…

London ER

New York/ FI/ emerging mkts trading

Montreal / Corp. Fin., M&A

Calgary - not currently in Finance industry.

Charlotte, NC/ Sec Lending Controller

Boston/ Mutual Funds, Custodian

San Francisco/ Fixed Income/ risk management

Boston/Online Computer Gaming/Software Engineer

New York City/HNW Portfolio-Management-Software Programming/IT Consultant

Dallas - money management & brokerage

Toronto/Asset Liability Mgmt/mostly Fixed income

Milwaukee/Broker Dealer/ Performance Reporting

Shanghai / Semi-con

Melbourne / Client manager-paraplanner