Where is everyone based anyway? I’m in Vancouver. Seems to be a lot of exam writers in this town as the test is taking place in a Coliseum … … in case I don’t post again before the exam - best of luck & thanks a million for all the advice, tips and encouragement! I may not pass this round but if I don’t, I’ll be ready for December!

i am in the South east of U.S.

see you in the Coliseum nu2finance. good luck.

make sure to say hello to each other

ya right. i’ll be the one with the maple leaf on my face stuck in a 2010 olympics timewarp…


i did Miami in December, not many places to eat near FIU at least for new ppl to area

dsuar - miami, eh? must be nice … it’s grey and rainy up at this end of the continent!

In Oklahoma but driving to Dallas for test.



Sacramento, and dont ever move here, I moved here because my girlfriend got into law school out here, this place is dead, dry, and hot, Good Luck all!

cyberkash - i’m jealous! i would love to go to dallas & be one of the crowd in a parking lot at some bar when someone’s getting busted on cheater’s. it’s one of my favorite tv shows. jerry greco’s a hoot! watching cheater’s has been one of life’s only pleasures for me over the past month … besides a kajillion review questions of course! as a matter of fact, spotting jerry & the crew live on saturday night would be the best way to celebrate for me!!! lol

nu2finance, I hear you. Dallas is a cool city but the drive to Dallas from OK is definitely not. If you see a bumper sticker that says See’f A rocks, that’ll be me on the highway. Good luck to all.

Philadelphia! Anyone else here from the city of brotherly love?

Kuwait … Ne body in ere writing in kuwait … ??? … mE

Go flyers.

LA- Lakers are going to sweep!

no flyers suck! Too bad they kicked out the habs :frowning:

I’m biased because I’m a Canucks fan.