I had to post this and chuckle. Only in America will this media sensationalising racing baiting crap take place. hahahahhaha. As someone who has lived in 4 continents(Africa, Asia, North America & America Latina) I still do not get why americans are way too sensative about race & being overtly politically correct. For the love of god, all humans are bigots and will judge you one way or another, regardless of your color, religion or even your weight. Geez.

The G

As I’ve said before, this knee jerk resort to violence makes us all look bad. Sticks and stones. Now this stupid nigga has an assault charge on his record and is looking at doing a bid.

It’s a free country, if you dont like it here then get out.

CFAvsMBA…I actually thought the knockout was well deserved even though I am questioning the drunk guy’s motive. Maybe he was depressed and asking for it and the other dude didn’t get it and let it go.

iheart…get of your high horse and stop being defensive. I hope you aren’t one of those who subscribe to hail the great nation and the best place to make it…A marketer’s wet dream.

It was CFAvsMBA who through the punch and Blake Mc who said the N word.

Yes, humans are bigots, but people get frustrated over how bigotry often has no consequences. So, clearly, the guy who threw the punch overreacted, but one can’t say he wasn’t provoked.

In many parts of Latin America, if you insult someone’s mother, you can expect more or less the same thing.

Zerohedge says “the victim” is a banker at GS.

Ha ha, so I guess BSDs do bleed.