London Business School

Hello, everyone. I am an American applying to London Business School’s MBA Programme. I am supposed to hear whether I am offered admission by this Thursday. Upon graduating, I want to continue working in asset management, but given the markets… well, I am not sure if taking out an MBA loan is worthwhile. My wife is about to graduate from a top U.S. school, but guess what - zero job offers (her GMAT is 740 and she is at the top of her class). We also have her loan to pay, but that’s a different story. Anyhow, I’d be interested to hear from the London crowd as to whether their employers favor LBS grads nowadays and what are some of the views out there on the perspectives for the MBA grads in a year or two. Sorry if it’s a repeat for some.

In general, LBS is well accepted in Europe, London specifically. The greatest share of people go to Consulting, at least the Class of 2008. You said AM, well CSAM, Capital Group, T Rowe Price, Fidelity recruit there. Several hedge funds also last year. One thing for sure you will notice if you go is how bad it is in terms of technology compared to a typical US School. Currently, London is not the place to be, there are far more opportunities in US, as long as you do not limit yourself to NYC.

> are far more opportunities in US, as long as you > do not limit yourself to NYC. SECOND THAT! dont limit yourself!

I graduated from it and it is pretty well recognized and connected in Europe. Although London is not the best job market at the moment, hopefully, it will get better by the time you graduate. It is surely the best time to go to school right now (low student loan rate and bad economy) though it might be a big bet on your finances, particularly considering your wife’s loan as well. Nonetheless, I the odds are/will be better for you to find a job in 2 years down the road than for an MBA graduating now so from that perspective, I would go ahead if I were admitted. An investment in a top bschool is never lost.

I am not surprised with your wife’s situation. I am one of them with top academics from top few B school in the UK. London is full of people looking for opportunities from LBS, INSEAD, Oxford, Cambridge. You might just do CFA and don’t think about MBA if you fancy career in AM. Most MBAs who get into AM, they have do CFA anyway. S

Thanks for everyone’s response. I am a CFA Level 3 candidate, so I am trying to attack it from all angles here. Thanks again.