London, Level 1 December 18

Looking for one to two study partners for level 1 in December in London. Send me a message or leave a reply in this thread

I have M&A interviews coming up in LONDON and I am looking for a current analyst or associate at a BB to prepare me for the process as well as give me some help for CFA Prep. I am willing to pay £250/hr and will travel anywhere in Zone 1 to meet you. Weekends are OK.

Please DM me if of interest.

Forward to anyone if you think will be interested

Try sending a message to some people on LinkedIn, most people will probably even help you for free if you ask nice :wink:

I am studying DEC exam 2019 CFA L1. let’s get together and study, can travel around in Zone 1 and study weekdays and weekends. please let me know. thx

forgot to check the date, sorry

I am interested in joining the group.

hey i’m keen for a study group in zone 1! how’s prep going?